Cat Blankets

A warm comfort to your best friend

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Organic Cotton

A mere 1% of the world’s cotton production is organic.
And even then, picked organic cotton may still be treated with all sorts of harsh chemicals.

Choosing GOTS-certified cotton gives you the comfort you need to know your linens meet the global gold standard in organic certification. We pay attention to the full supply chain and ask the questions we know you would, so you can sleep soundly.
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Baby Poonı's soft and cute organic cotton bathrobe

Baby Pooni's soft and cute bathrobe brings the young members of the family comfy, cuddly moments, whether by the pool, after a bath, before bedtime or on a lazy Saturday morning...


It has cute little ears and embroidery face on the hood, along with front pockets and a tie belt. The bathrobe is made of beautiful 100% organic cotton terry.


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BabyPoonis bløde og søde badekåbe i økologisk bomuld

Babypoonis bløde badekåbe skaber hyggelige stunder, hvad end det er ved poolen, efter et dejligt bad, inden sengetid eller en langsom søndag morgen. Pak dit barn ind i den blødeste kåbe, lavet af 100% økologisk bomuld.

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Organic Muslin Cloth

Organic Muslin Cloth,

The softest organic muslin cloths which are a necessity for all parents. The organic cloths can be used as burping cloths, ideal for mopping up spillages or as lovely comfort blankets. 

The muslin cloths comes in a package of 2 of the same color/print.

Washing is hard on the environment and we recommend to treat your BABYPOONI product with care. The organic fabric and colouring used during manufacturing of the product will stay beautiful longer if washed on low temperatures, which will also save resources.

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De blødeste stofbleer i økologisk bomuld. Uundværlige for alle med små børn og kan bruges til alt fra puslebordet til putteklud i barnevognen. 

Stofbleerne kommer i pakker af to med samme farve/print. 

Følg venligst vaskeanvisningen og husk, at tøjvask er slidsomt for både produkt og miljø. Vi anbefaler derfor, at du behandler dit babypooni produkt skånsomt

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Bamboo Muslın: 70% Bamboo / 30% Muslın Cotton (woven) sleepıng bag


Let your little one sleep magically in our Unicorn inspired Sleeping Bag. 

Printed on a blue toned body, with a cotton candy piping, this bag features an all over print of magical unicorns, castles and rainbows to send your baby off to sleep. 


Innovative design – ideal for active babies and toddlers

Designed so that feet can be covered or uncovered

Freedom to move around whilst enjoying the comfort of a sleeping bag

Sizes 6-12 months and 12-18 months feature poppers for quick nappy changes 

The safest way for babies to sleep – no additional blankets or covers required

0.5 Tog, Completely unpadded- Suitable for hot summer months & room temperatures 24+ degrees

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Gorgeously soft and simple in a plain colours, this sleeping bag offers real quality as well as fantastic value for money! 

Your little one will sleep cosy and comfortably, giving you peace of mind.

These baby sleeping bags are made of soft 100% jersey cotton and are lined with 100% cotton.

The filling is made of soft polyester fleece, which prevents allergies and limits movement of the material inside the bag to stop it from getting bumpy and uneven.

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Water had a special meaning for the people of Anatolia rather than being just a vital life source used for drinking and cleaning. Turks originally had come from Central Asia where their belief system was based on Shamanism. According to the new settlers of Anatolia, water was one of the fundamental elements which creates life and it should have been respected.

When respecting water got together with Islamic order for being clean, Turkish people took hammam as a serious and prestigious business and carried it wherever they went.

Turkish baths become popular places where people from different backgrounds can meet, improve social relations, share the latest news and have fun during Ottoman Empire.

And turkish towel was naturally born with the traditional turkish bath tradition.

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Great tips and ideas on how to make your bathroom look fresh, including a fun way to declutter! Follow us

Towels you love were made of 100% Turkish cotton.

Turkish towels are the softest and fluffy you can find. They’re made of Turkish cotton terry, prized for its absorbency .

For gsm in towels you need ,we make a luxurious gram weight for absorbency and softness.

We invite you to discover our Turkish cotton towels certified by Oeko-Tex® that are healthy for you and healthy for the environment.

Traditionally, bath rooms serve same needs in our homes.

Create your elegant bathroom by best quality Turkish cotton towels and bathrobes.

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