Cat Blankets

Our little paws, our cats sleep 13 to 16 hours a day. Especially on cold days, because heat receptors work well, they tend to the hottest spots of the house. For this reason, we want to create an environment in which our beloved cats can purr with pleasure for their comfort.

YTO Textile produced with warm cat blankets will never leave your little cats will have an environment. Our blanket which protects heat balance, prevents odor with its anti-bacterial feature and at the same time resistant to scratching will make your cats happy and will not upset you.

A feature of the blanket will prevent the scattering of the feathers thanks to its antistatic feature. We also welcome your suggestions. If your creative team decides to include a creative suggestion, we will be happy to send you 1 free address of this product. YTO team wish you a sunny day.

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