An extremely plush, dense and incredibly soft towels you will find .
They’re made of Turkish cotton terry, prized for its absorbency and texture.
We’ve loomed it to a luxurious in every gram weight.
Made of double-ply cotton threads to ensure strength and durability, the towel is woven tight construction to dry quickly.
This classic white towel gets an extra touch of elegance .
Washing will only make this exceptional textile more absorbent and soft.

How do we know, which is the best quality towel set ?

I believe that a good quality towel set should consist a good quality towel. How do we know that we are buying a good quality towel set ? You can’t decide by just looking at the photo of the product.

It is not possible to differentiate a good or bad quality towel out of the photo. Therefore, detailed description of the product is very important. I would first look at the yarn quality. We are talking about 100% cotton terry towels. Open end yarn is the worst and ring spun carded is better.

Best is of course a combed cotton yarn, which is long living and keeps its softness after many washes. Combed cotton yarn terry towels are the most expensive among the other quality or technology of yarn.

A terry towel woven of combed cotton yarn has better absorbency and softness. The colors keep longer and a more brilliant. The reason is that the fibre of combed cotton is long and smooth. The next thing you should look at is the weight per dozen or the gsm, g/sqm etc.

This is one of the most significant part of choosing your good quality towel set.If the individual towel has more than 600 g/sqm gsm, than we can start talking about a good quality terry towel set. If you can’t see this information within the description, you should better ask before buying, so you will not get disappointed.

While you are asking the seller, please also ask where the towel comes from and where it has been made and which type and origin of cotton they are using.

You preference for the best quality terry towel should be made in Turkey and cotton yarn from Turkey, US, Greece or Egypt.


Please do not hesitate to contact our professional team at YTO Textile Ltd. for more information.

What is a 600 gram gsm g/sqm terry or terry velour towel

terry or velour towels are usually measured by their gram per square meter. The 600 gram stands actually for gram per square meter. A gram per square meter is measured with a punch out of the body or on the border area of a towel. You can determine the weight per square meter by weighting the towel unit and calculate from piece weight to area weight, by dividing to the size of the towel. A usually woven towel can be between 280 gram per square meter ( g/sqm, g/m2, g/qm or gsm ) up to 1800 g/sqm, depending on the technology and type of the weaving loom. For me, an ideal weight for a terry towel is 600 gram per square meter. The reason for me is that the towel is bulky enough to absorb plenty of water and is fluffier than a light weight towel. The 600 gsm terry or terry velour towel is ideal for home use as a bath sheet, bath towel, hand towel or a face towel. The sizes can be different from country to country, but all serve the same purpose. I prefer a bath sheet measured 100×150 cm. after shower, which also wraps around very well. An ideal hand towel size for me is 50×90 cm., as this is good for a hand towels and also as a face towel to dry properly. Please also consider 100% cotton with terry on both sides of double face usage, as terry absorbs better than velour. For more question, please contact the professional YTO Textil Ltd. team, and we can chat about of which weight and size of towels would be ideal for you.

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