100% Polyester Non Slip Bathmat

Indeed, most accidents at your bath or in a hotels bathroom happens, because of the wet floor and the slipping bathmat. There are non-slip bathmats available, but mostly do not give the comfort of a 100% cotton bathmat. It is possible to laminate a cotton bathmat with a non slip sole, but this is more likely to be used at luxurious properties, due to the high cost. Some sole laminations on bottom of a bathmat are made with cheaper material, which houses bacterias and are most likely causing cancer, due to harmful substances.

We have been trying to optimize a bathmat, which would still give the comfort of a cotton terry bathmat with a certain design, like greek key, frame or foot print. This bathmat is made of 100% polyester with a plush fabric feel and a non-slip antibacterial bottom. This product can be washed around 50 times and is about three times cheaper than a conventional terry cotton bathmat. With this product, we promise that you will not fall down in your bath room after taking shower, once you step on our bathmats and still feel the absorbency and comfort of a luxury bathmat.

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